Media Policy

Requests for Interviews

If you are interested in conducting an interview with a speaker or presenter, the ATC Communications staff can assist with coordinating a time for you to meet with the person or persons while onsite during the ATC meeting.


Reproduction of materials such as abstract data, posters, presentation slides, etc., requires first obtaining permission from the listed author(s) and/or presenter(s) as well as from any individual or group that may hold copyright on the material. Journalists violating copyright restrictions may have their press access denied the in future years. Photography of sessions, trade show booths, event set up, etc. is prohibited; the ATC has a designated staff photographer and can provide event photography for journalists who wish to include photos with their coverage of the event. This can be arranged by contacting the ATC Marketing and Communications Manager, Christina Bertino, who will be onsite during the event.

Use of ATC Scientific Program Content

Please be aware that the information and materials displayed and/or presented at all sessions of this meeting are the property of the American Transplant Congress (and/or the presenter) and cannot be photographed, copied, photocopied, transformed to electronic format, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons and American Society of Transplantation (and/or the presenter). Use of the ATC name and/or logo in any fashion by any commercial entity for any purpose is expressly prohibited without the express written permission of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons and American Society of Transplantation.


In compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission's Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure), the accepted abstracts are made available to the public on the ATC website in advance of the meeting. Thus, the first release of the abstracts is a public release. Coverage of additional research being presented at the annual meeting is under embargo until the date of presentation.

Academic institutions, private organizations, and companies with products whose value may be influenced by information contained in an abstract may issue a press release to coincide with the availability of an abstract. However, the ATC continues to require that information that goes beyond that contained within the abstract, e.g., discussion of the abstract done as part of a scientific presentation, is to be embargoed until the start of the scientific sessions. Violation of this policy may result in the abstract being withdrawn from the meeting and other measures deemed appropriate.

Journalists failing to abide by the embargo may have their press credentials revoked.

ATC Public Relations Contact

Christina Bertino
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager