Meeting Update

ATC 2021 Announces Virtual Connect

As of November 30, 2020

Dear Colleagues,
In light of the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on travel and safety, the ASTS, AST and ATC leadership teams have decided the ATC meeting scheduled to take place in Seattle, WA will transition to a fully-virtual experience to be held June 5 - 9, 2021.

Over the past year during the pandemic, there have been major strides and positive advancements in research and science. The evolutions have been cutting-edge and the developments have occurred so quickly, but we must remain realistic in keeping everyone safe while delivering the exceptional program that is the ATC.

The health and safety of all ATC participants and staff, along with their family members, co-workers and patients, continue to remain our top priority and we’d like to thank you for your support as we plan our next virtual meeting.

ATC 2021 Virtual Connect

All-New Enhanced Experience

We are excited to announce ATC 2021 Virtual Connect, as an all-new, completely enhanced virtual meeting experience. Gain immediate access to innovators in the field and have your voice heard through various types of interaction.

Real-Time Interactivity

The 2021 program will provide ample opportunities for real-time interactivity through:

  • Live Video Discussions
  • Invigorating Q&A Discussions Post-Presentation
  • Live Presentations by Abstract Presenters
  • Engaging, Unconventional Networking Breaks
  • Live Symposia Presentations

Mobile Responsive Access

You’ll be able to access Virtual Connect on-the-go, earn your education credit or contact hours, hear the latest innovations, and build your professional network… all from the comfort and safety of your home or office. 

Abstract Presentations

The ATC 2021 Virtual Connect will still showcase submitted abstracts in Plenary, Oral, and Poster format. This year, we are incorporating Live Presentations by Abstract Presenters, and are excited at the evolving ways we are going to incorporate presentations in the virtual space.

We’re looking forward to receiving your contributions that will ultimately help shape the ATC 2021 Virtual Connect program.

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Marwan S. Abouljoud, MD, FACS, MMM
ASTS President

Richard Formica, MD, FAST
AST President

Linda C. Cendales, MD
ATC Program Planning Committee Chair

Maryl R. Johnson, MD
ATC Program Planning Committee Chair